Laura's commercial voice acting is professional and captivating. Great for a range of messages from upbeat and fun to calm and soothing. 

Voice Acting Demos

Laura's narration voice acting is clear, easy to follow, and expressive in all the right ways. 

about laura

Laura Blanchard is a voice talent who lives in Michigan.   Having lived and spent years of her life in several different areas of North America, Laura has a neutral North American accent.  Laura has spent the vast majority of her career using her voice to assist customers in a number of different capacities, including, customer service, negotiating agreements and corporate training (both in person and via video conferencing).  Laura’s calm, yet expressive tone will help you get your message across!  Laura LOVES to talk and that natural enthusiasm shines through when she speaks.  Let Laura’s experience in speaking with people assist you in connecting with YOUR audience and achieve your desired results.

Voiceover Services


Tutorial videos

Corporate training


Radio commercials  

voice profile

Female Midrange

Neutral North American Accent

Pleasant, Soothing

 Confident, Sincere 

Industry Specialties

Customer service

Negotiating agreements

 Corporate training




Let Laura’s voice bring your project to life, contact her with the details of your project.